• Why a native app instead of a web app?

    Quite simply, it’s a far better user experience and that means event goers are more likely to use your app, as well as its revenue-adding features. You can leverage smart technologies inside a smartphone to provide true value for attendees. Native apps enable real-time two way communication between organizers and event goers (push notifications). You can also put real-world coordinates on maps for navigation support and routing at events. All event data is organized in a compact way so event goers can find everything quickly and easily, right on your device, on-the-go. These are just few examples of how native/hybrid apps deliver a superior user experience.

  • Can our event afford a smartphone app?

    Our mantra is to inspire event organisers to think about mobile apps as a revenue generator instead of a cost line in the budget. If you add up gains, your ROI can quickly offset the cost of an event app and become a profit center. Your event app should provide a direct and quantifiable ROI. This includes savings from omitting printing costs of materials, revenues from sponsors, merchants and exhibitors at the event, and sales via the mCommerce tools we provide for organisers. There are also indirect gains including valuable insights provided by event data and analytics to further optimize your events. You are also providing more value to attendees through a better user experience in the app and by helping them get more from the event.

  • What % of event attendees use apps?

    There are around 2.5 billion smartphones and by 2020 it is expected that around 2.5 billion more will be in use. Almost all event goers own one. As more and more people are becoming familiar with apps, event goers increasingly expect them at events and festivals to provide information and easier ways of shopping and making mobile payments. When marketing and user onboarding is done properly for the app, we have seen 70-80% of our customers´ attendees download the event mobile app for the first year when the app is introduced. The app downloads almost always increases for the following years, as more attendees discover the app.

  • What kind of actionable analytics and insights from data can our event gain via apps built on Festivality platform?

    You can follow data and analytics through our web-based dashboard. We monitor comprehensive statistics related to user behaviour in-app. This includes basic data like app downloads, OS types, geographic location, time spent, app user feedback (likes, ratings, reviews), to more complex data including attendee engagement with all app features and conversions from sponsor/exhibitor/merchant solutions. Apps from our platform can see user location, which powers heatmaps showing how attendees move while using event areas and venues. Our cloud-powered proprietary sensors add-on enables you to monitor event venues attendance in real-time, and based on that optimize live marketing efforts for underperforming events or proactive communication with attendees for trending venues.

  • How much time we need to create an event app with Festivality platform?

    We can optimize the processes to deliver your apps for your required release date. However, the safe minimum period would be at least 2 months before the event date. The more time, the better. More lead time from the app development project kickoff until release will also provide you with enough time to onboard your sponsors, merchants and exhibitors via our Merchant Portal, and increase event app revenues for you. We generally recommend launching apps around 3-4 weeks before the event.

  • Why should we choose Festivality as our event mobile app partner?

    We specifically focus on helping the underserved consumer events industry gain value from mobile – music, film and food festivals, live tours, spectator sports, trade fairs and consumer conferences. We streamline and democratize the costs of using mobile tech at events. We turn going mobile from cost center to revenue generator. Our focus on datalytics also provides actionable event data and analytics for event teams. Read further about this under Differentiation section.

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