Baseline features

Custom-branded app

Tailor made designs. Event identity integrated.

Main menu

Clear and easy navigation of app contents. Select proven UX solutions.

Onboarding screens

Asking language choice and user permissions for notifications, location and Bluetooth.

Core features for a

Music Festival / Live Tour event

  • Explore

    Event discovery feed as curated cards (supports rich media).

  • Line-up

    Artists. Filtering options: By A-Z, genres, Live Now, What´s Hot, Featured.

  • Explore music by Artists

    Integrations with Soundcloud, Spotify or custom-playlist player.

  • Programme

    Agenda of sessions and events.

  • Schedule

    Vertical listviews. Calendar for overview.

  • Profiles

    Artists, Users details.

  • Events

    Gallery, description, local schedule, location on map and how to get there.

  • Things-To-Do / Points of Interest

    Places, Venues, Activities. Each profile has gallery, description, location on map and how to get there.

  • Live Map

    Interactive real-world map with clickable pins, droppable pins, pin types filtering.
    Route me there. Multi-maps. Offline map capability.

  • Information

    Text pages with crucial event info, About, FAQ, Support and more.

  • Smart Search

    Global search through app contents, results organized by content blocks.

  • myApp

    Personalization centre of the app – My Schedule, My Artists, My Venues, My Events, My Offers, My Purchases, My Notifications, My Settings + set alerts for My Schedule.

  • Socialize

    Newsfeed + Twitter, Facebook, Instagram integration.
    Post to Twitter and Facebook from event app.

  • Push Notifications

    Scheduled. Geofenced. Exprompt. Segmented targeting based on MySchedule, Time, Location, Venue, Event, User Groups.

  • Ticketing

    Mobile tickets. Secure, convenient, paperless.
    Integrates seamlessly with other ticketing systems.

  • mShop

    Organizer store. Merchant store.
    Mobile payments integrated. One-tap payments opt-in.

  • Sponsor Solutions

    Visibility and branding opportunities. Gamification packages.

  • Merchant / Vendor Solutions

    Extra visibility & branding, and active sales promotion & mCommerce opportunities.

  • User Authentication

    Login integrated. Social logins.
    Sync-ready features for web My Schedules, or with other systems (e.g. Eventbrite, XING/Amiando).

  • Multi-Language Support

    Number of supported languages based on product package.

Platform features

Content management system

Update app 24/7 via web based CMS – Event Manager Portal.

Content Data API

Our API can pull from your data sources. Alternatively, we provide you with data from our CMS for your needs (web, mobile web, screens). Bottom line: data shall be entered only once.

Premium Support

Live chat / email / phone during working hours. See chat icon right below.


Use a single dashboard to monitor key stats and our other proprietary sensors data for your event.

Merchant Portal

Monetization platform for event artists, partners, sponsors, vendors, exhibitors.

Deliverables into App Store

iPhone and iPad app iOS 8.0 or later.
Android phone and tablet app 4.0 or later.

Add-on Features

Proximity marketing with advanced geofencing and beacons.
Multi-event app. Multi-city / live tour app.
Livestreaming. Matchmaking / Networking.

Professional Services

Data Insertion. Custom Integrations. Personal Support.
Event Day Customer Success On-site. And more.

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