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Digitalizing the event industry


We have years of experience working on events in the Baltic and Nordic region, yet we’ve noticed that too many aspects of our industry haven’t changed during that time. Attendees are still given printed programmes, they have to make payments in cash and they inevitably get lost or miss their favorite performances.

That’s because the consumer events industry is still largely an offline industry. We think that has to change.

The digitalization of the events industry has the potential to raise revenues and ensure smoother organization, as well as create a better experience for attendees and help save the environment from all that printed material. We’ve seen how smart event apps can benefit all event stakeholders from the organizing team to the vendors.

There are an estimated 20 million events happening globally each year and the industry has begun benefiting from a smartphone-driven digitization, yet this is largely confined to large corporate and B2B events with large budgets. In fact, less than 2-3% of the consumer events industry currently integrates mobile solutions.


The issues we help solve


We’re passionate about events and understand the challenges of event organization from our own experiences. That’s given us the insight to work closely with event teams and help them solve a wide range of issues through smart solutions, including mobile, software and other unique technologies.


Why a smart app can deliver added value

We understand that most event goers´ needs are contextual and relate to things they see and do in their immediate event surroundings. A website is important, but it’s no longer enough to meet their immediate needs and drive revenue on the day.

Visitors now expect constant guidance and helpful features from the organizers directly in their hand. They need live updates via notifications, real coordinates on event maps and one-tap smooth checkouts with in-app payments among many other things.

Smart information and guidance based on time, location, situation and surroundings can be instantly delivered with mobile devices and intelligent apps. Many visitors are often offline at events due to coverage, strained WiFi and the desire of many international visitors to avoid roaming charges, yet native apps will continue their core functions offline and keep adding value.

Event apps also function as a two-way real-time communication and CRM channel between event goers and organizers.

The web can still solve a lot of issues for visitors before the event while they are in the research and planning phase, but a native app on their phone delivers unrivalled value during the event.

And that is only the beginning. Artificial intelligence and machine learning is continuing to develop and this is further enhancing the value offered by event apps.


Historical barriers

The benefits of mobile apps might be clear, but they have historically required a large investment and substantial time and effort to come to fruition from scratch. As a result, it is not yet standard for event teams to build and monetize mobile apps to support their events due to perceived shortages in resources, time, costs and skill.

Festivality is changing that by making smart mobile apps accessible for all events.


Lack of data

The vast majority of events lack access to real-time data that is live, timestamped and location-based so that organizers can make informed decisions. Live information on the behaviour, movement and purchase decisions can tell organizers how venues are being used, how products and services are selling, which promotional activity is working and what is keeping attendees engaged the most.

Mobile devices and apps can answer many of these questions with hard real-time data so organizers can continuously optimize their events while planning the next one, as well as continuosly making changes on the day itself.

Festivality has developed industry-specific patent-pending sensor technologies and a analytics platform to provide additional value for event organizers. This on top of useful data streams we are already able to extract from apps built on our platform.


Save trees and reduce our carbon footprint

Too many events are still using paper to communicate with their attendees. This is inneficient and creates a lot of waste. The effect is especially grave considering the temporary nature of events, which means a lot of collateral produced and unused goes directly to trash. One of our goals is to axe paper use and event budget spend on printing so we can all help save trees in the rainforests and reduce our carbon footprint. Digital mobile solutions are the smart choice instead.


Deliver more value to attendees

We believe many apps are only scratching the surface of what can be achieved for event organization. Existing mobile app products are often just digitalized versions of traditional paper booklets.

We’ve been carefully exploring the potential of smart apps from the perspective of event organizers and are constantly looking for new and smarter ways they can deliver real value.

Team Festivality is driven to bring smartness, contextual and location awareness, mCommerce and mPayments, actionable event data and analytics APIs to event apps. Our mission is to simply build better and smarter products that deliver value for event goers and event teams alike.


Dynamic user experiences that drive engagement

The Festivality platform can be used to build apps that evolve with the time and proximity to the event. We understand how the needs of your attendees change from before (discovering and planning), during (exploring, experiencing, orientation) and after events (reflecting, memories, follow-ups, continuity). This idea is brought to life with dynamic app interfaces that organizers have the power to control and automate.


Grow event apps as a cost-efficient channel for ticketing and venue access

Ticketing and registration is one of the few aspects of events today that is being successfully digitized, yet this still relies too often on costly commissions being paid to ticketing platforms who retain access to much of the data.

Bringing this process to your own mobile app gives you 24/7 overview on-the-go on any device of how the ticket sales or attendee signups are performing so you can make changes to the sales process when needed.


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