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We’re driven to design a mutually beneficial partnership that fits your business model.


Agencies and Event Industry Suppliers

If you’re an agency, production company, venue or other event industry vendor, our technology platform will help you provide an advanced mobile offering for your client base.


Ticketing and Registration Companies

If you’re a ticketing company, a registration services provider, or other similar technology solution supplier for the industry, we´d be happy to work with you to create seamless integration and synergy for your customers.

Our mutual goal shall be to deliver value to your customers by widening your current offering with elaborate event apps and launching a highly targeted channels for new and additional mobile revenues.


Value-adding Technical Integrations

If you are a technology or software company, we´d be love to work with you to create an integration into event apps that delivers value to organizers or their customers – apps end users.

Great example would include streaming services integration into live music event or festival apps, which has a potential to build new leads and a larger customer base.


Other Partnerships

Looking for a different kind of co-op? Drop us a note


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