Giving back

Why is there a parrot in the Festivality logo?

Tropical parrots are smart and entertaining birds with beauty, intelligence and personality. They have the tendency to make people happy with their intelligence and humour. In addition, Hopi Indians strongly believe that parrots are directional guardians.

We feel there are similar qualities to the technology we are building for events.

The symbol also reminds us that large events have a substantial ecological footprint on nature, both directly and indirectly.


Technology can contribute to save the rainforests

Too many events are still using paper to communicate with their attendees and that harms our environment. This is wasteful, time consuming and inefficient, but its effect and burden on nature is especially grave resulting from the temporary nature of events, which means that a lot of marketing and informative collateral produced and unused goes directly to trash post-event.

One of our goals is to axe paper use and decrease event budget spend on printing. This will save trees in the rainforests and help preserve these natural habitats for parrots and many other species we share the planet with.

Digital mobile solutions are an obvious alternative today for events. Team Festivality strives to educate the events industry on how to become more sustainable by using affordable technology. An additional benefit of using the Festivality platform is that it can contribute to your social responsibility strategy.


Giving back

We´d love to help save more of these intelligent birds from parrot sanctuaries. Adopting a parrot is a long-term commitment, but Festivality is committed to long term solutions, including in how we help our customers.

We are also looking into opportunities to help to save the natural habitats of parrots and to offset rainforests destruction by supporting parrot sanctuaries or rainforest rebuilding initiatives.

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