Aivar Laan

Founder | CEO

Initiated Baltic event marketing, industry veteran. Built up 2 regional flagship agencies (event marketing; event production & MarCom), with a successful exit. Founded summer film festival Rooftop Cinema in Tallinn, the 1st and only regular open-air cinema in the Baltics, selected among the 5 best outdoor cinemas in the world. 20+ years of network and experience in events & MarCom. Multi-awarded both professionally and for the projects launched. Has produced and promoted 2000+ events and festivals over 20+ yrs in the Baltics, Nordics and CEE in wide range from corporate to music & film.

Thomas Adelson

Co-Founder | CTO

15+ years full stack developer and software architect. NASA. The Economist. HPI (Solera company). Gardiner & Theobald. Joyent.

Jana Naumenkova

Customer Success / Support Manager

Diverse experiences from 6 years of global youth network leadership role to a foreign student of cultural diplomacy and since 2016 as a customers unicorn in leading software startups like Pipedrive. I’m passionate about finding the best and reasonable solutions. I will be your Festivality guide and support you to overcome challenges with technology and be more successful in organizing world-class events.

Slava Kalichonak

Front-End Developer + UX/UI Designer

Self-taught and curious internet explorer.
More than 7 years deep in the pixels. Worked everywhere from advertising and graphic design, to product design and software development.

Nishant Modi

Senior iOS developer

I am a software engineer with 10+ years of professional experience in building web and mobile applications for iOS and Android.
I am skilled in all aspects of the full software development cycle, from requirements gathering and planning through development, release, and maintenance. Latest with Flio (UK) and GoBee.Bike (Hong-Kong).


Spirit Animal

"Founders know each other more than 20+ years and have worked professionally together 12+ years."


Office Dog

Tech dog who confs stuff and acts cool.

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